Covid-19 Update: March 18, 2020

We are making hard decisions about what to do with our upcoming activities in the wake of this situation.

We are not fearful and believe with all confidence that God will help us to overcome this epidemic. We take our families, friends and communities health very seriously and want to make sure we are doing all we can do to help keep everyone safe.

While there are no mandates that would keep us from joining together for worship, it has been strongly recommended by our goverment and officials that we limit gathering to 50 and in some cases 10. This is not just limiting churches and events but has extended to all places including restaurants and any other place people might gather. Many places in our community are making or have made changes to help prevent the spread of an outbreak.

As much as we love joining together for worship we believe wisdom dictates that we comply with what’s been asked of us where we possibly can. We know that during spring break many of our students and families traveled and there are chances some could have come in contact with the virus.

That being said, the following changes to this weeks activities and services have been made:

– All Wednesday activities have been cancelled for this week.

– The Bake Sale for Kidsfest scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed.

– Sundays Service will be Online Only

– A special Kids Church service will be livestreamed Sunday at 5PM.

We will make decisions like this week by week.

We encourage our families to bring everyone together on Sunday for the livestream. Service will include the normal activities with a few special modifications. We will have only the essential staff and volunteers to operate at the church.

We will be putting out daily family devotionals starting next week and also doing some special online activities to help keep our families connected during this time. We encourage you to pull your family together and spend time together in these devotions.

We want to remind you that although we are not having services in the building that we continue to meet our obligations to missions, missionaries, and doing outreach and your giving helps us to continue these things. We encourage you to continue honoring God in your giving of tithes and offering even during this season, as God provides. You can give online at our website, in the office Monday – Thursday, or contact the office and we will arrange to pick up tithes from those who can’t get out.

If you need anything or know of someone in need because of lack of supplies, please contact us at the office anytime @ (325) 597-0377 and we will do our best to help.

In all, remember these truths:

The People are the Church!

Fear is a liar!

God is bigger than a virus!

God gives us wisdom and discernment!

We will overcome this situation together!

God Bless You All,

Pastor Devin Taylor